Don’t Feed the Bears, Intentionally or Unintentionally

USDA Wildlife Services is working closely with the NH Fish and Game Department to mitigate human-bear conflicts throughout the state. Read more to learn about this issue.

Prime black bear habitat includes deciduous forests (oaks, maple, beech etc.), wetlands, and riparian (along rivers) zones. The natural areas surrounding your town provide very good habitat for black bears.  Many human-bear conflicts arise when bears frequent properties to access food attractants that are found around homes.  The most common attractants are birdfeeders, unsecured garbage, and compost piles which include food scraps.  Livestock, such as chickens and pigs, can also attract bears when not properly protected. Electric fencing is the most effective way to protect livestock.  In most cases removing the attractant the bear(s) are utilizing eliminates the bear problem.  It is also helpful to harass bears with noise, such as banging pots and pans, or using compressed air horns to scare them away.

Bears & Chickens:

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Touch a Truck!

A Family Event-Sunday July 29th 10-3, Gilsum Steam Academy, 640 Rte 10 Gilsum

Come enjoy a hands on experience with some cool cars and trucks and oth fun family Activities

$5 a person or $20 for a family

American Legion Cook Out

Treats from Sweet Confections and Kona Ice

Sponsored by Monadnock Ford to Benefit Gilsum Rec’s Before and Afterschool Program

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Bingo for Adults- Free

It’s time! Gilsum Recreation’s Summer Adult Bingo Night will be held THIS Saturday (July 14) at the Gilsum Church!
The sun doesn’t set until 8:26 on Saturday! Who cares whether or not we get a random thunder boom? Not us NEW ENGLANDERS!  We shall laugh because it adds to the evening excitement AND our theme!
 Adult Bingo by Gilsum Rec starts at 6:00 and everything you need is provided. Never played?  No problem! Gilsum bingo nights are VERY newbie friendly! We’ll see to it that you have all the help you need.
Don’t forget:  Volunteers at the church graciously open up a special ‘Bingo Night Snack Bar’ so come early & grab dinner for a great price.  It is STEAMED HOT DOG SEASON!  They will also be selling fresh club roll plates, home baked goodies, fresh fruit salad & drinks at very reasonable prices! Your business helps them give back to the community of Gilsum.  They will be ready to serve you by 5:45 pm.
Gilsum Bingo Night is FREE and open to all adult Gilsum residents age 18 and over.  Your adult guest is always welcome to join you!  Please invite your neighbor as well.  This email reminder list is limited to those we possess currently.