Faerie Houses

We all have a bit of Faerie magic tucked away in our homes. Spare buttons, single earrings too lovely to let go, dice and game pieces, cancelled stamps, gears from a broken watch – all sorts of little things that make our hearts sing. Just think how your goodies can now be showcased in the […]

About This Website

Welcome to our new website! We are still working on updating the content and welcome your feedback. is sponsored by the Gilsum Recreation Committee, a nonprofit 501C3 that promotes and funds recreation programs for the residents of Gilsum, NH. The Committee also sponsors the annual Gilsum Rock Swap & Mineral Show.

The purpose of this website is to inform Gilsum residents of local activities, events, and happenings. Information is provided by volunteers on a best-efforts basis. Changes may be requested by sending an email to is not an official town government website.