Yoga Free for Gilsum Residents

Yoga will not be held Valentines Day, Feb 14th but will resume the following Friday, Feb 21st.

Free Yoga for Gilsum Residents

$5 for non-residence

Every Wednesday night 5:30

Gilsum Congregational Church

Come and enjoy an hour of gentle yoga

New in Town: Meet Georgia Cassimatis

You may have seen Gilsum’s newest resident, Georgia Cassimatis, around town with “Milk,” her Black and White Staffordshire Terrier Mix. “You’ll probably see us walking/running up and down Gilsum Mine Road and Route 10 to get to the lovely Calhoun Forest. I love gardening, hiking, community, art, knitting, sewing, photography, rock climbing—and the list goes on!” she says.

Georgia bought her first home in Gilsum last November. She works at Badger and the City of Keene, and is the Public Art Coordinator for Friends of Public Art, a nonprofit. She holds a degree in business management from  Keene State College, and a masters degree in sustainable development and climate change from Antioch University. “I also have basic skills in dog training if anyone out there needs help,” she says.

Bingo for Adults-Free! Great Prizes

Come enjoy a night out playing Bingo! Play for hundreds of dollars in prizes, and there’s no charge. The Gilsum Recreation Committee sponsors this event, so come out meet your neighbors and have fun! You’ll also find sandwiches, drinks, and plenty of treats for sale by the Gilsum Congregational Church. All dollars raised go back to the community.

Location: Gilsum Congregational Church

Time: 6pm Jan 20th

Wineglass Painting Night!

Time: Friday, February 2cd at 6:30 pm

Location: American Legion Post #85, Mack Road, Gilsum, NH

Cost: $20 for 4 Glasses, All materials included (Please specify stemmed or Stemless Glasses when you register)

Register: Call Mary @439-0797 or email

Bring your own beverage and snack to share

All Proceeds Benefit Gilsum’s Before & After School Program

This isn not a school sponosred activity

Gilsum Rock Swap Speaker

Gilsum Rock Swap Speaker 
Where are the best places to go rock-hounding in New England? Mineral collector and geologist Nancy Swing shares her secrets in a special presentation,“Rock-Hounding in New England,” Saturday at June 23rd 2018 1:00 PM in the auditorium. Swing, the owner of Natures, is a regular speaker at rock and gem shows, and has been collecting since she was three years old. This presentation is free.

Free Yoga

Free Yoga for Gilsum Residents

Starting February 7, 2018

$5 for non-residence

Every Wednesday night 5:30

Gilsum Congregational Church

Come and enjoy an hour of gentle yoga

Happy 245th Birthday, Gilsum Congregational Church

Gilsum Congregational Church was first formed on October 28, 1772.

It is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC). But did you know that congregational churches have their origins in the Reformation? Here’s a short history:

Reformation Day first started 500 years ago on October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther, a German monk, nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of All Saints Church in Germany. The Theses criticized the Roman Catholic Church for drifting away from salvation as a means of going to heaven and were doing things like selling indulgence or certificates to reduce punishment for sin. This created a rift that lead to the Reformation. The Reformation was the formation of churches that followed the Luther and John Calvin theology of Salvation by the cross.

The Reformation produced the German Reform Church and the German Evangelist Church, two streams that would eventually be part of the forming of the United Church of Christ (UCC). The Congregational Church was formed by Englishmen who separated from the Roman Catholic Church, some of whom came over on the Mayflower, including the Elder. Another group that formed the UCC were the Christians, who felt the denominations were out of control and we should all band together and just be Christians.

In 1957 all of these groups merged into the UCC. The UCC took on the Autonomy of the Congregationalist: That is, it is a self-governing church in that each congregation handles its own affairs. Jesus Christ is the sole head of the Church. Its organization includes a Synod (national level), Conference (state level), Association (local level) and local churches, but all are on the same level. One can not force another to do anything; they can only make suggestions.

We thank God for the Reformation and the early reformers who risked their lives to bring the church back to the basic truth of the Bible, that we are “Saved by Faith, apart from the works of the Law”. ~ Romans 3:28

Come visit us! Services start at 10:00 AM, with coffee hour following. Bible study starts just after 9 AM every week.

–Dan Hackler, Gilsum Congregational Church

Blessing of the Pets October 14

Gilsum Congregational Church will hold its annual Blessing of the Pets on Saturday, October 14th at 10 AM on the church lawn. Reverend Jim Berry will have treats on hand for your dog or cat, as well as for their owners! Come join the fun with your dog or cat. This event is open to both children and adults.