The Gilsum Broadband Advisory Committee has recommended a proposal to bring 1 Gbps high-speed fiber broadband to every home and business in Gilsum. The Selectboard has approved the plan and it will now become a warrant article at Town Meeting.

This proposal will NOT affect property taxes. It WILL give everyone in Gilsum access to up to 1 Gbps fiber broadband Internet service starting at $46 per month ($36/mo if you buy your own WiFi router). Under this plan the Town of Gilsum will issue a bond to cover part of the project as specified by SB 170 and RSA 33.3g. Consolidated Communications agrees to pay the full cost of the bond.

11 area towns are moving forward with this plan and will present them at Town Meeting.

5 area towns are currently considering proposals for possible vote at Town meeting

8 area towns have already approved plans and moved forward with construction or have completed construction.

Voters who want this warrant to pass must vote for it at Town Meeting on March 10. It will only be approved if 3/5 of voters present vote in favor.

Proposal Details

View a presentation about the proposal

Watch the video of the proposal as shown at the January 25 public hearing

Read about the public benefits of this plan

Three area towns signed agreements with CCI last year, so the Gilsum Broadband Committee asked how those projects went. Read what Walpole, Westmoreland and Chesterfield had to say about their experiences.

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