Each year, the Gilsum Public Library Trustees poll the residents of town searching for the one person who has gone above and beyond representing the best Gilsum has to offer. This year’s winner is Lisa Gallagher. She defines community spirit and volunteerism. On the ballet is a space for the voter to write a comment supporting their choice.
People ran out of room writing. Some of those comments include: Dedicated, talented, full of great ideas and spirit. For years Lisa has given generously of her time and energy to the church, the library, the rec committee and anyone else in need. She has done so much to keep the town moving in the right direction. The driving force behind the Gilsum Bridge and Adult Bingo. Lisa was one of the people that came up with the auction for old home day over 15 years ago which was a big fundraiser that helped to pay for every consecutive year’s old home day events like the bands and fireworks. She also was the main author and designer for the Gilsum 250th celebration program booklet. Lisa is a member of the Ladies Aid group at the Gilsum church and has served as a Library Trustee.

Her wonderful spirit shines through in all these activities and many more.

Thank you  Lisa!